Our Classes

All of our yoga classes incorporate the practice of Hatha Yoga, which combines physical exercises or postures and conscious breathing along with mental focus and relaxation to bring balance and well being to the body and mind of the practitioner.

Each teacher has a unique teaching style based on their personal experience, training and special interests. Some classes focus on a specific style or level so depending on your needs, it’s good to try a few teachers and classes to discover the variety that Mosman Yoga Co-op has to offer.

Hatha General: Is suitable for those who want to take it a little slower to bring balance to a busy life.  Appropriate for beginners and students managing injuries or physical limitations.
Classes focus on the foundations of the practice and teaching awareness of alignment in the postures. Also suited to those returning after a break and also experienced yogis seeking refinement in their practice.

Hatha Intermediate: Assumes prior yoga experience and knowledge of basic postures and yogic concepts. This class offers the opportunity to work a little deeper and explores more subtle aspects of the practice of yoga.