Our Teachers

Graham Wing:  0400 799 810 or email: grahamhwing@gmail.com

Graham Wing has been teaching Hatha Yoga for Beginners to Intermediate students since 2005. Beginners receive instruction and mods to guide them safely towards full poses. 
Intermediate students are encouraged to take their practice to a deeper level to further develop strength, flexibility and balance.
Integrated into the physical practice is breath control for vitality, meditative techniques to focus the mind and Self-observation. Each class concludes with a Guided Relaxation.

Simone Selby:  0421 369 643 or email: simselby@gmail.com

Simone Selby is a physiotherapist with 30 years experience. Simone's Pilates classes combine western anatomical knowledge and physiology with the eastern principles of energy flow, meridians and importance of core strength. 
Simone's class is educational. Students gain an understanding of the musculoskeletal system and learn tools to exercise their way out of pain.

Robin Hyett:  0402 155 904 or email: robinhyett59@gmail.com

Robin Hyett's inclusive teaching style of Hatha Yoga is suitable for the needs of both beginners and intermediate students.  Her students can expect a compassionate and considerate approach in her classes, allowing all to develop a careful step-by-step approach to their own practice.  Robin enjoys creating opportunities for the development of greater body awareness through mindful observation and bringing together like-minded individuals in a small class setting who are looking for a more personal approach to their yoga experience.  Expect to feel more calm, centred, supple and connected by the end of class!

Sharon Stroud:  0484 699 863 or email: yogimumstroud@hotmail.com