The Teachers of the Co-op request that all students enroll in a class or classes for a whole term as this allows students to truly experience the benefits of practicing yoga and allows for a deepening and progression of learning.  

Enrollment for 10 week term $200  -  $20 per class

Full-time Student $180 - $18 per class

When there are extenuating circumstances or you are wanting to attend multiple classes with a teacher, other payment structures are available on request by phone or email to your teacher before the term begins

Casual rate $25 
Payment must be made to your teacher before or on the first day of class. 

We accept cash, cheques and electronic transfer but NOT credit cards.

All teachers welcome new and returning students to try out a class any time during the term. However, we recommend that you email, call or sms the teacher to check that there is space in the class. Click here for teacher contact details and timetable information.